Metallurgy of a Part and Other Heat Treating Services

We have been offering specialised metal processing services and products to engineers and manufacturers for over 50 years.  You can be confident of our proven expertise and reliability, using some of the best plant and processes available.



Metallurgical Services

Our in-house metallurgical laboratory, run by skilled personnel, is available directly to you for related services, e.g., technical advice, material and heat treat recommendations, hardness testing, crack testing, certification and reports, microscopy and micro-hardness testing, etc.


You can be assured of the highest standards in quality, expertise and service related to the manufacture and heat treating of parts.


Other Heat Treating Offerings

We endeavour to provide you with the broadest range of capabilities we can.  Other services include:




We have an active quality management system and conduct heat treatment of aviation parts.  Our heat treating plant is centrally managed by an Intouch System, maintaining control of all processing variables and results.  We use a modern ERP system with all jobs weighed, digitally processed and bar coded for traceability.


You can have the confidence that we effectively manage the processing of your parts from start to finish to ensure you get the desired end result.