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We are a third generation family owned company.  Our founder, William D McGregor, began this engineering business in 1946.  In time he progressed the business to the successful development, design and manufacture of industrial ovens, furnaces and kilns. 


As demand grew for heat treating of metals, the focus moved to obtaining the best technology to provide heat-treating services directly to the local market.  This led to the eventual establishment of Heat Treatments Limited in 1966.


About this time Mr McGregor’s two sons entered the business.  With their energy and ideas they helped grow the service offerings, including the addition of machining operations, a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory and other complementary services.


These additions enhanced our general engineering capability.  With furnace design and manufacture continuing until as recently as the early part of this century we developed into a significant contributor to local industry.


Founded on longevity and experience, we have more recently focussed on offering a one-stop-shop sourcing solution for specialised engineered metal parts.  This has allowed us to grow the company beyond the local market and successfully export our expertise and services.


Tough Metal Parts was born out of this expansion and operates as a division of Heat Treatments Ltd.  Our objective is to provide a fast and effective one-stop-shop solution, delivering specialist manufactured metal parts right to where they are needed when they are needed.