Quoting FAQ

1.     How do I get a quote?
Fill out our on-line Jobbing Quote Form, email us with the details, or give us a call on 1800 181 351.


2.     How do I get the drawings and specifications to TMP?
You can either upload the files in the Jobbing Quote Form, or if small enough email directly to info@toughmetalparts.com.au.  
If you only have a sample please get in touch by email or on 1800 181 351 to discuss options with us.


3.     How long will it take TMP to reply?
We will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry within 24 hours during a normal working week.  Depending on the complexity and number of parts being quoted we should be back to you with a proposal shortly thereafter, or in touch for more information.


4.     Is delivery included in the price from TMP?
Yes, we will typically quote in AUD free into store (if you're in a capital city) or to our nominated freight agent in your nearest capital city.  Should you require different terms please feel free to discuss with us.


5.     How long are TMP's quotations valid for?
Typically we will keep our prices firm for one calendar month from time of quotation.