Manufacturing FAQ

1.     Do you manufacture in-house at TMP?

Yes, we take pride in having a broad range of capabilities and expertise allowing us to do most aspects, including heat treating and grinding, all in our own facilities.


2.     Why should I order my metal parts from TMP?

At TMP we have the technical capability and extensive equipment needed under our own roof.  This enables cost effective and efficient access to the best metallurgy, procurement and planning, manufacturing, heat treating, grinding and logistics for your parts, all through one point of contact.


3.     Does TMP use external suppliers?

Yes, we believe in using the best expertise to get the best results for our customers.  Despite our broad capabilities, we may need on occasion to draw on our closely formed associations to get the best results, while still taking responsibility for the integrity and delivery of your parts.


4.     Does TMP operate a Quality Management System?

Yes, we are ISO9001 certified and actively maintain the Quality Management System (QMS).  In addition to every staff member being accountable for quality, we also have extensive QA & QC resources and metrology equipment which includes CMM capability.  We also have a fully serviceable metallurgical laboratory with capability to certify raw materials, QC the functional attributes and verify the metallurgy of your parts.